5 Emotional Stages Of Getting A Full Bikini Wax For The First Time

5 Emotional Stages Of Getting A Full Bikini Wax For The First Time

No matter what pubic cute inexpensiv elingerie hair-removing background you come from, it shouldn’t be difficult to imagine that there are numerous stages of emotions one goes through during the process of getting a full bikini wax for the first time. From the initial spread of hot wax to the final tweeze of a stray hair, I have recently learned that the path to a soft and smooth bikini line is quite unpleasant and uncomfortable. That said, it can definitely be worth it if you’re willing to endure (a lot of) pain and (even more) feels.

To be completely honest, I’m not very concerned with my hair down there. I keep it trimmed and clean out of preference, and if a time arises when I know I’m going to be in a bikini or in my underwear, I simply shave the day before.

But with a pool weekend in my near future, and an intense curiosity to learn whether the whole process is even worth it, I decided to book an appointment with my local waxing studio. Looking back, or should I say looking down, I can’t say that I regret that decision.

If you’re a tenured bikini waxer, these intense emotional states will probably sound familiar. But if you’re a rookie like me, then please look forward to learning all about the 15 emotional stages of getting a full bikini wax for the first time. That is, if you still want one after reading.

1. CuriosityAs I mentioned before, I’ve always been comfortable with my natural pubic hair because, well, it’s natural. But I’ve also wondered how other women my age, with similar (and very hairy) heritages, have kept their bikini lines so smooth.

Combined with my upcoming summer pool and beach plans, as well as my friend’s encouragement, I researched waxing studios in the area and came across an authentic Brazilian salon. I set an appointment, and the day arrived quickly.

2. WorryI thought my anxiety was under control, but then the rolled around. All I could do was worry. What if it was too painful? What if I started crying? Should I just skip the appointment altogether and save myself embarrassment and misery?

3. HopefulnessNo, no, and no. I’ve got to hold my head up high, be confident, and hope that the experience is worth it. It’s something I have never done, and it might be really worth it.

I denied all my worries and anxiety, and when I walked into the salon, I was nothing but smiles and excitable jitters. The mural of Christ The Redeemer also helped.

4. Insecurity Once I was told to get undressed from the waist down, I became very insecure. I knew it was coming, and I knew it had to be done to go through the process. But I was suddenly going through a list of all my old body hang-ups, from my stretch marks to my chaffing thighs to my hairy legs.

I’m on good terms with every part of my body. In that moment, however, I was horrified at the idea that a stranger was going to be inspecting each and every one of my supposed flaws up close.

5. FearThat insecurity cute inexpensiv elingerie turned into straight-up-fear. But that’s natural, right? After all, you don’t find yourself lying half naked on a bed with someone about to rip hair off of your sensitive parts that often, do you?

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