8 Body Hair Removal Products For Bikini Lines, Facial Hair Other Tricky Spots

8 Body Hair Removal Products For Bikini Lines, Facial Hair Other Tricky Spots

Lets get something cute inexpensiv elingerie straight real quick: Body hair isentirely normal. Its also totally normal to want to get ridof stubborn body hair in tricky places with great body hair removal products that actually work, if thats what floats your boat. People regularly Google these questions in private, as if removing body hair at home should be a secret (hint: It’s not, and people have hair on their bikini lines, arms, legs, armpits, and elsewhere for some pretty important reasons).

Not only does growing body and facial hair help to facilitateour bodies’ sweat cooling mechanisms, but it plays a role in personal hygiene, and some even speculatethat removing bikini line body hair could cause skin chafing. No wonder womensno-shave moments are more popular than ever. That being said, most women have hair on their arms,legs, toes, underarms, and nose. (Yes, some people have body hair thats more prominent than others, but I promiseyou, its still there.) If youre all for leaving it there, then good on you,but if youd rather snap up an at-home body hair removal tool, here are a few innovative tools to help youachieve smooth hairless skin, anywhere on your body.

1. For Facial Hair, Reach For An EpilatorEmjoiTweeze Facial Hair Epilator, $12, Amazon

Rather than shaving, which causes stubble, an epilator is agreat tool that rolls over your skin, catching the hair and pulling it out bythe root. This EmjoiTweeze facial hair epilator has a small head for detailed use on the face,it leaves skin hairless for much longer than other options, and its way lesspainful than it sounds. Its battery operated, so its great for travel, andsome reviewers say theyll never go for a wax again.

2. Shave Anywhere With Absolutely No NicksElectricEpilator Shaver, $22, Amazon

This number one new release is an electric epilator shaver, and it can remove hair from anywhere on the body (rightdown to your toes) with its massaging system and three-in-one blade design. Itglides over your skin, removing even the shortest hair with no pain, and peoplelove that its super gentle and convenient, whether youre shaving wet or dry.

3. Tackle Stubborn Nose And Ear HairProfessionalWater Resistant Steel Nose Trimmer, $18, Amazon

For trimming nose hairs (or even eyebrows and ears), theresthis water-resistant steel nose trimmer. Its made from durable stainless steelthat can be used in the shower for easy rinsing, and it creates a smooth cutwith no nicks or pulling. People say its super easy to use, they love thebright built-in LED, and its significantly more reliable than other ones theyveused.

4. Tweeze Multiple Hairs At The Same TimeQstickFacial Hair Remover, $12, Amazon

When it comes to quick and easy hair removal on the face,few tools are as simple and effective as the Qstick facial hair remover. Its pretty much a giant spring that plucks multiplehair from the follicle simultaneously, leaving you with super smooth skin. Itsless painful and takes less time than waxing and plucking, and the key words inthe reviews section: It works.

5. Buff Away The Hair On Your ArmsHairOff Mitten, $21, Amazon

If youre looking for something that works without anychemicals or harsh ingredients, check out this HairOff mitten. Its coarse but gentle texture buffs away hair and extends thetime it takes hair to regrow, and its great for using on everything from your arms toyour legs. It also exfoliates while it works, and all you have to do is brushclockwise and then counterclockwise.

6. Use Brazilian Wax For Coarser HairGigiBrazilian Waxing Kit, $35, Amazon

This GigiBrazilian waxing kit gives you everything you need to remove even thecoarsest hair from all areas of the body. It comes with a warmer, some wax, applicators,pre-epilation oil, post-cooling gel, and a how-to DVD to give you a salon-stylewax in the comfort of your own home. Reviewers say the smoothness lasts superlong, and that theyve seen this exact kit in some salons.

7. Trim Hair All Over With This All-Inclusive KitUltimateBody and Bikini Grooming Kit, $35, Amazon

This body and bikini grooming kit has everything you need for the most delicateareas. The set comes with a bikini trimmer, angled foil shaver, exfoliator,gentle trimmer, detail trimmer, length guide, and beauty bag for detailed workfrom head to toe. You can wash everything in the sink, and people love that itseasy to charge and makes it easy to travel.

8. Upgrade Your Razor For A Body-Hugging Shave  GilletteWomen’s Venus Swirl, $15, Amazon

Sometimes, the cute inexpensiv elingerie best tactics are the most obvious, but whilethis Gillettegadget might just look like a regular disposable razor, theinnovative part is the swivel ball technology, which allows for a close shaveanywhere on the body. It contours to your skin in even the hardest to reachplaces without nicks or irritations (like bikini line, tummy, toes, or ankles),and its thinnest blades capture virtually every single hair.

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