Kourtney Kardashian Poses on a Bluff in a Bikini

Kourtney Kardashian Poses on a Bluff in a Bikini

With a heatwave raging cute inexpensiv elingerie outside and our air conditioners all set to turbo arctic blast, it’s hard to even think about moving, let alone what you can possibly clothe your body in that won’t be totally drenched in sweat in a matter of minutes. In fact, in the midst of these sweltering temperatures, aside from just giving up and going , there really seems to only be one answer to the age-old question of what am I supposed to wear in this weather and that’sa swimsuit, as perfectly demonstrated here by Kourtney Kardashian.

The eldest Kardashian appears to have devoted this month to hitting up every sunny beachside spot she can find, posting a selfie in a different swimsuit from each oceanfront locale. Though the reality star usually favors a one-piece suit like her sister Khloé, in her latest Instagram shot Kourtney posed very dramatically on the side of a sandy bluff in a grey-blue bandeau two-piece, captioning the shot, “On a Saturday.”

She also posted another poorly lit photo of herself standing in the same spot, arms outspread “King of the World”-style, captioned “On a bluff.”

And of course, no cute inexpensiv elingerie vacation-themed triple gram would be complete without a callbackto the 2009 Lonely Island smash-hit, “I’m On A Boat.” Plus, if anyone inquires as to Kourtney’s whereabouts when her sister engaged in a feud with Taylor Swift for the history books, this set of nautical-themed photos should serve as the perfect alibi.


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